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What Do You Do With a Limited Time Offer?
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Matt Hayter – Laser Aficionado
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William Hayter – Lego Master
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Owen Hayter – Minecraft Master
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It took us many years to realize that our very lives were this limited time offer, this incredible opportunity to create it just the way we wanted. You see, we weren’t always so aware of this limited time offer and we squandered many years only to keep coming back to the same conclusion. Our lives have a singular, finite time frame that passes far too quickly. Let me back up though and start from the beginning, at least the beginning of our personal and entrepreneurial awakening and desire to live the RV lifestyle.

You could say that in many ways we are your typical family – husband, wife, 2 young boys and a black lab named Ciran. Matt and I have been employed over the years in various occupations, putting in our time, paying our dues. We both knew we wanted more, not in a monetary sense necessarily, but in a life sense. We wanted to be continually putting deposits into our bank of life so we could avoid diminishing returns. Working for others, following the status quo of what work and life looked like never quite fit us. There was always a nagging feeling, no, a sinking feeling, in living a life based on other’s standards of what the “good life” meant.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs – I was truly blessed to grow up in my families’ manufacturing business. I got to see first hand what was possible. My parents worked incredibly hard, sacrificed, and built a thriving business, but they were also afforded a certain lifestyle that others only dream of. I also learned from their mistakes, or at least areas that I could improve on when it came time for me to make the entrepreneurial leap. (Here’s a hint, one of the key lessons I learned was “stuff” can start to define and control you).

They say necessity is the mother of all invention and no truer words have been spoken to describe the path we find ourselves on.  When Matt was just 27 years old, he sustained an injury to his baby toe, the mother of all toe stubs, and woke the next morning unable to move.  His injury had set off a series of unfortunate events in his body, leaving psoriatic arthritis in its wake.  As the years passed, it became increasingly clear to the both of us that the traditional work model was not going to work for Matt and so with a chance reading of a Popular Mechanics magazine, Matt was introduced to the world of Laser Engraving.  We researched laser manufacturers and quickly decided on an Epilog laser – registered our business, South Coast Laser, and opened on May 13, 2010.

RV I.D. signs was born from our love of the RV lifestyle and our desire to one day be on the road either in a full or part time capacity.  As fate would have it, my parents sold their manufacturing company and a few months later I was let go as the Marketing Manager, so here we are, at a crossroads.  You might say that the universe is conspiring to get the Hayters on the road.  We’ve been given this incredible opportunity which brings me back to the beginning of our story, our one finite life and the choices we make to live in accordance with our beliefs and guiding principles.  For Matt and I those principles are Freedom and Flexibility so we are in the process of growing our laser business and creating freedom and flexibility into our everyday lives.  This is how we want to live out our limited time offer, this one finite life with new friends, family and above all else, love.  What are you doing with your limited time offer?

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William Loves Camping
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